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Hi, welcome to the MyExpenses testing family

Link for testing using TestFlight MyExpenses app is great way how to keep your spending under control. It supports multiple currencies, sharing with family and helps keeping overview over your daily budget. Features • Supports multiple Apple devices - iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch • Sharing with your partner or even whole family and get notifications with new expenses • Widget with brief informations about your spendings in current month • Dynamic Type - MyExpenses app respects your system font size • Filter expenses based on user • Track location of every expense • Organize expenses in categories by your choice • Privacy aware - MyExpenses doesn't require any personal information • Secure - supports authentication using TouchID, FaceID and checks if you are using secure wireless network • Charts with daily, monthly or yearly spendings • Supports over 150 currencies around the world • iOS 13 - app was created with iOS 13 in mind and supports new features such as Dark Mode, Context Menu and much more

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